"The sea, once it casts its spell, keeps you forever in its web of wonder." , Jacques  Cousteau.

La Locanda is located in a quiet and peaceful area, 50m from the fine sandy beach of the Ligurian Gulf. The crystal clear sea, the gentle slope of the beach and the mild temperature have made Alassio a very popular place for families and young people in the Riviera di Ponente.

The structure also offers the great merit of being close to the historic center, nice and elegant, where you will have the opportunity to go shopping and relax in the bars and restaurants that enrich the offer of this village, so loved by Ernest Hemingway, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954, who at that time lived in Alassio.

The flavors of the Ligurian focaccia and the sweetness of the kisses of Alassio, a chocolate goodness, a variant of the lady's kiss, produced right here, accompany the stay, as well as the colors and scents.

In the Locanda you can start your day pampered by our artisan breakfasts thanks to a rich selection of fresh, genuine, typical and seasonal products

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